Scott & Co. was born out of the passion of our founders towards the power of the modern suit and our ambition to partner with the Men of Myanmar in their journey towards the era of the Modern Man. The suit is not like other attire; the suit is the armor of the Modern Man.



Each suit is carefully crafted as the ultimate embodiment of class and influence. At the same time we understand the importance of functionality and practicality to the Modern Man. Each client becomes our partner. We work closely with all our partners to empower each of them to become a Modern Man of the present and future.

At Scott & Co., each partnership is a precious relationship. We only want the best for our partners. All our products, ranging from suit accessories to lifestyle products are carefully curated by our team of experts. Every product we sell is selected and loved by our team, and introduced to our partners so that they can share our pleasure.

At Scott & Co., we do not simply make suits. We make the Modern Men.

If you have any questions please check our FAQs or send an email to hello@scottandco-mm.com