Frequently Asked Questions


What is Scott & Co.’s Made-to-Measure process?


Scott & Co.’s Made-to-Measure process is a tad bit different from the conventional process. We infuse the bespoke element of crafting the suit from scratch, taking into account the different types of body structures. For instance, if your right shoulder slopes more than the left, we’d tailor differently to that, or if your left thigh is bigger than the right, we would take that into account as well. We are able to achieve that by implementing a two-step measurement process, with body measurements and also actual jacket/trousers measurements from our fitting jackets and trousers during your first appointment with us.


How does made to measure differ from bespoke tailoring?

Made-To-Measure is usually done with just body measurements being taken or tailoring a ready-to-wear suit to your body size and your body structure. Bespoke tailoring comes with building your suit from scratch, from the fabric, allowing multiple fitting sessions with skeletal jackets and trousers to achieve the perfect fit. Scott & Co. blends the essence of both to create our own unique way of ensuring the ideal modern gentleman’s fit.


Where do your fabrics come from?

Our fabrics are sourced from different renowned fabric mills from Hong Kong, Australia and Italy. We have quality fabrics ranging from Australian Wool-blend to 100% Australian Merino Wool to highly recognized fabrics from top fabric brands such as Vitale Baberis Canonico.


What is the selection of suit fabrics available?


We offer a wide range of suit fabrics to suit your needs and budgets. From Super 120s-140s Hong Kong or Australian Wool-blend to 100% Australian/Italian Wool or Super 150s and higher 100% Italian Wool, any of which will be able to fit your needs and requirements. Coupled with our fit, you’ll be getting the best modern gentleman’s armor for yourself.


How do I take care of my suit?


During your final fitting session with Scott & Co., our expert stylist will walk you through on the care and maintenance of the suit step by step. We will cover the laundry process, the correct way to hang your suit jacket and trousers and even the instructions of packing them within your suitcases when you travel. To provide the full package, Scott & Co. provides exclusive a garment bag and a hanger per suit for you to always keep them well and travel with it much more easily.


How long does it take for me to get my suit?


From your measuring appointment to your first fitting, it would take 3 weeks. Subsequently, after your first fitting, adjustments would take 1-2 weeks, depending on the scale of your alterations. Timeline might differ on a case-by-case basis when subsequent fitting sessions are required as it is a very personalized process. We take the perfecting of every piece of Scott & Co. suit for each of our clients very seriously and we would ensure that we would deliver the completed suits as quickly as possible within our capacity.


When do I need to pay for my suit/shirt?


We would typically collect 50% of the invoiced price and the remaining 50% will be collected upon completion of your suit/shirt.