Made to Measure Process

A true modern gentleman always pays attention to the hard work that goes behind the greatness experienced.


  1. Pattern-Making – This is the process where every number taken by our expert stylist would count. From the various body measurements, physical paper-canvasses are being drawn to allow our master tailors of more than 3 decades of experience to better visualize the wearer’s body structures.

  2. Cutting – With the dimensions from the patterns, the fabric is cut to precision by inches for the different pieces that would eventually be hand-stitched into the fabric components for the suit jacket or trousers.

  3. Stitching – A crucial process of the stitching of the fabric components of the suit jacket or trousers. A specialty lightweight floating canvas through the shoulders to the chest is being sewn between pieces of the jacket. This gives the jacket a natural drape and structure that is built to last. Each component inside is being stitched by eighth of an inch of space so that the completed piece has the most natural drape and structure that lasts.

  4. Assembly – The magic happens here with the assembly of the components. Each piece has been ironed out to its best form before assembly to allow for the most accurate joints. This step might sound simple but the angle of joining pieces together is important to us. How the sleeves connect to the shoulders, for instance, are so precise and can perfect the look of your specially crafted Scott & Co. Suit.


Fitting to Perfection

Upon completion of your specially crafted suits in 3 weeks, you would be invited back to our store to have your first fitting session. You would be able to try on the suit and our expert stylist would go through every component with you from top to bottom. In the event when adjustments are required, our stylist would confirm with you on the perfect fit and we would engage our in-house tailors to work on your adjustments immediately. The timing of the adjustments would range from 1-2 weeks and our stylist would advice accordingly there and then. Thereafter, you would be invited for 1 more fitting session to confirm on the best fit on you.

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